Concealer Perfect Light

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Smoothing effect concealer with anti-aging properties.

  • C1 C1
  • C2 C2
  • C3 C3

Perfect light concealer is an instant smoothing effect concealer from the first application.

Its extraordinary formulation allows a fresh and light luminous finish on the skin, a multipurpose concealer that covers imperfections, dark circles, small redness and blemishes with uniform results.

Its creamy formula spreads evenly and easily while providing immediate hydration and a refreshing sensation thanks to its high percentage of water. It is also composed of ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid that makes the skin look smoother and younger.

Moisturizing and refreshing formula with modular coverage with anti-aging properties, non-greasy and natural finish.




* Minimizes wrinkles and expression lines: its formula enriched with hyaluronic acid rapidly improves fine wrinkles by regenerating the epidermis.


* Hydrates: the glacier water, very pure and free of pollutants and toxins, restores water loss. Its action keeps the skin hydrated, smooth, more flexible, balanced and with a healthier appearance.


* Erases the signs of fatigue and stress: its modular coverage achieves a uniform and rested skin with a clearly improved appearance.


* Rejuvenates: its anti-aging properties stimulate collagen synthesis.




* Enriched with hyaluronic acid and glacier water.

* Modular coverage

* Instant smoothing

* Moisturizing and refreshing

* High coverage

* Emollient, non-sticky and non-greasy (Oil Free)



Perfect light concealer is available in three shades perfect for Mediterranean skin:


* Light C1

* Medium C2

* Dark C3

1 Reviews

Me encanta: cubre, ilumina y no se agrieta, una pasada de textura

It is deposited with the applicator on the eye cup with three points around it and it is blended with the duo brush nª1 with its most stylized part, for greater coverage, insist on small touches and without dragging.


1 Open your gaze: mark the mobile eyelid but only in the outer corner of the eye that coincides with the tear duct.

2 Brightens and corrects: apply to dark areas of the face, dark circles, nose fin, chin hollow.

3 Sculpt: Apply in the central area of the forehead, bridge of the nose, tip of the chin, and in the cleft of the jaw

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