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copy of Highlighter Star Dust + Brush Nº 3

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Illuminating powder, luminous and light result, pearly finish + specific highlighter brush 

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Illuminating powder, luminous and light result, pearly finish.

A tailored suit, a perfect cut created to dazzle.

Highly advanced formulation, sensorial in its texture, a product with sophisticated and unique ingredients that, thanks to its luminous pearls, provides a light film of pearly powder that brings light to the face.

The baked product is the essence of this makeup, perfect coverage that allows you to achieve great results.


Its skewed shape facilitates application in specific areas of the face such as the top of the bone, nasal septum and forehead.

The structure of the hair traps the texture of the powder, depositing the product on the face gently and lightly, allowing its finish to be natural.

Main Features


  • Vitamin E Acetate: antioxidant and anti-aging action.
  • Jojoba oil
  • Lauroyl lysine: creaminess and adherence
  • Spherical powder easy to shade and thin film.
  • Pearly finish and perfect result.


  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • Brush hair is a type of synthetic hair that was developed to have a feel and performance very close to natural goat hair.
  • The structure of the hair is the secret of the bristles. It can catch and apply textures to the face better than other synthetic fibers.
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